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BBQ Repair and Maintenance in Hamilton, Ontario

Appliance Repair Hamilton provides repair and maintenance service for your BBQ also Whether it is charcoal, gas, electric, or infrared grill. We offer expert repair and maintenance service your BBQ grill according to your need.

BBQ Issues

Low Flame/Temperature
If your BBQ is having low flame or low temperature issues, it may be due to fuel line regulator. We can fix or repair it quickly.

Uneven Heating/Hot Spots
Due to blockage in your burner sometimes gas grills have uneven heating. Our expert technicians can repair it as they understand how to fix these.

BBQ is not lightening
If you are unable to light up your BBQ or having issues to light it, call Appliance Repair Hamilton anytime. We are available 24/7 in Hamilton to provide you quick services./p>

Leak in Fuel Supply
If your BBQ’s fuel is leaking and you are unable to diagnose the issue, we can diagnose and repair it quickly.Leakage of fuel is highly dangerous and risky for you.

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