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Refrigerator Repair Hamilton

Refrigerator Repair in Hamilton, Ontario

Refrigerator not working?

The refrigerator is important to keep your food fresh as we understand how inconvenient it would be if your refrigerator suddenly stops working. QA Appliance Repair Hamilton provides repair services for your commercial and residential refrigerators. If your refrigerator is not working properly, not making ice, making click noises, not cooling in the refrigerator section and more, contact QA Appliance Repair Hamilton to get your refrigerator repaired quickly. We also provide same day repair service in Hamilton and do not charge you extra.

Refrigerator starts and stops frequently

If your refrigerator is starting or stopping frequently it may be due to compressor motor, compressor relay, outlet voltage and more. We can fix or repair it immediately as we understand the need of your refrigerator.

Freezer does not defrost

When your freezer does not defrost automatically, it needs repair and replacement of some parts such as defrost timer, defrost thermostat. Call QA Appliance Repair Hamilton to repair your refrigerator quickly.

Making Noisy Sounds

If your refrigerator’s condenser fan or compressor mounts are not working properly, your refrigerator will make noise or strange sounds. Our service technicians can diagnose the issue and can repair it quickly.

Refrigerator does not run

When your refrigerator does not run and you are unable to diagnose the issue, you can contact us anytime for same-day service. Our technician will reach your place and will repair it immediately.

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